Reply To: Lifting a folded scooter into a taxi

  • CPN Heather

    February 24, 2023 at 4:38 am

    As a travel advisor, I have had clients use mobile scooters in taxis before. The first hurdle will be convincing the driver that it will fit as most believe it will not. Although I wasn’t there, my client told me that her husband generally lifted it for her. I am a “just in case” packer, so I often travel with a large, heavy suitcase. More often than not, the taxi drivers will help me, or I suggest to do it together on the count of 3. Occasionally, though, there will be a driver that sits deliberately sits inside or stands with his hands in his pockets while I struggle on my own. If you are pre-arranging taxi transport, perhaps you can advise them of your situation and ask for assistance in advance.

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