Reply To: Reliable Japan Rail Timetables

  • Rob Dyer

    March 2, 2023 at 6:18 pm

    Jorudan (Japan Transit Planner) would be my vote too.

    Jorudan is, in my humble opinion, better equivalent app than Hyperdia. As well as train timetables, it also includes a flight planner.

    I was using Jorudan long before Hyperdia made their announcement and was never much of a fan of Hyperdia’s app interface. So I think you’ll like the new option too.

    In addition to the Jorudan website they also have excellent apps for both Android and iOS – click to go to the respective app download pages.

    One thing to be aware of – there is a paid version of the app with additional functionality. I *think* platform numbers are only shown on the paid version of the app.

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