Reply To: Barrier free room with max

  • SDKJapan

    March 27, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    The sources and dates of the information I have seen are a bit sketchy, so do not hold me to this. However, here is one explanation from a hotel industry blog(Japanese) that had more detail than others.

    The law that governs room occupancy today is the Fire Service Law.(Appended Table 1 (5) of Fire Service Act Enforcement Order (under Supplementary Provisions)) (Fire Service

    Law Enforcement Regulations.; Article 1-3)

    Here is how the capacity is calculated.

    – For Western-style accommodation rooms, the number corresponding to the number of beds in the accommodation room.

    – For Japanese-style accommodation rooms, the number obtained by dividing the floor area of the accommodation room by 6 square meters (3 square meters for simple lodgings and those that mainly accommodate groups of guests).

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