Reply To: From Nagano to Fujikawaguchiko

  • alliejay

    March 29, 2023 at 2:20 am

    I just wanted to add an additional remark to this thread in case anyone in future is looking for similar information. We decided to make some changes to our original itinerary and as it worked out, decided to return from Fuji to Tokyo by car. It was closer to the end of our trip and both my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a break from all the train transfers and wheelchair pushing (I am partially ambulatory and use a manual wheelchair).

    I arranged for a driver to pick us up at our Fuji hotel and drop us off at our Tokyo Hotel with @ohayotravel and could not have been more glad that we did. While hiring a driver is always a higher fee than public transportation, I found @ohayotravel had very fair prices, options for varying levels of disability and a totally stress free experience. They even helped me deal with a credit card glitch on my end so I would definitely recommend them to others in this community.

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