Reply To: Ni-Chome’s LGBT Bars/Nightclubs Accessibility

  • Ally Hongo

    March 29, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Carlos, I asked a few friends around (sorry it took time to reply). Not much of a help, I’m afraid, but just a few notes for future consideration. They mentioned that Dragon is on the first floor, so access to get it is technically doable, but the restroom has steps, so it could be better to avoid that place unless you’re visiting for a short time. It’s also always very crowded too, so not sure if it’s recommendable. Another mentioned Bar Kaiser in Shinjuku, which has an elevator, but he said he wouldn’t recommend it because it’s basically a big ripoff. It’s a host club, which means visitors are asked to pay for the guys’ drinks, so you end up with a hefty bill. I’m sorry for the lack of good information. 🙁

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