Reply To: Which airport is better?

  • alliejay

    April 3, 2023 at 12:53 am

    Hi JD:

    It sounds like others might already be assisting but my husband and I just returned from Japan and we had also considered Haneda as it was much closer. However, we did fly to Narita in the end because it made a lot more sense (direct flight for us). I thought I would offer some info on how we managed in case this is something you’d consider for the both of you.

    I have a foldable manual wheelchair and am ambulatory enough to get in and off a train. My husband helps push the wheelchair and the luggage. We travelled with one large suitcase and two backpacks (for two weeks…we optimized as much as possible!) and I had one bag in my lap and pushed the suitcase on my side while he pushed the chair (team work!). We used the Narita express to get to Tokyo station and did ok. From what I saw, most gaps between the platforms and the trains were small enough that I could handle them while my husband folded down my chair to load it in the trains. Certainly something to discuss with your husband to see what he’s comfortable doing.

    Taxis are usually available at train stations and airports. They’re usually a queue and you take the next available. My wheelchair folds down and would go in the trunk while the large case went in the front seat by the driver. So, it’s also an option.

    Another thing to consider is coin lockers at train stations to temporarily store luggage while you are out and about if it’s too early to check into your hotel.

    Anyway, I hope it helps and that you have a lovely time in Tokyo!

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