Reply To: Wheelchair rental/lending at tourist sites in Kyoto

  • schroth-sensei

    June 27, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Hello Laurie,
    You may be able to find a place to rent a wheelchair for the duration of a stay in the area, but it sounds like you are not worried about going between locations with a wheelchair. Here’s what I found for availability of renting/borrowing a wheelchair at specific locations:

    • Kiyomizudera: According to their website, “Wheelchairs cannot be borrowed in the temple.”
    • Sanjusangendo: From TabiFolk’s sister sight Accessible Japan, “For those who need to borrow a wheelchair, several are available at the entrance.”
    • Toyokuni Shrine: I assume this is the Kyoto shrine (not Nagoya), I found very little information for this location, I’d say it’s pretty safe to say no wheelchairs would be available here.
    • Imperial Palace Kyoto: I was able to find a buried note in their website that says, “Wheelchairs are available. Please ask our staff for assistance at the entrance.”
    • Fushimi Inari: I didn’t find any on their website, however it looks possible, check out this Kyoto Universal Pamphlet.
    • Kuramadera / Kibune Shrine: From what I find this place isn’t wheelchair accessible, I’d say it’s pretty safe to say no wheelchairs would be available here.
    • Nonomiya / Tenryuji (Arashiyama): From TabiFolk’s sister sight Accessible Japan on Arashiyama, “Railwayman Bicycle Rental, located next to Saga Torokko Station, has 3 manual wheelchairs available to borrow for free.”

    Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, I recommend looking at the Kyoto section of Accessible Japan for additional locations.

    If anyone else has more information on these areas, please share. Nonetheless, I hope that helps.

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