Reply To: Limited walking but don’t need a wheelchair yet…

  • Josh Grisdale

    August 2, 2023 at 10:24 am

    I would suggest using Google Maps to start looking at routes you might take. It will tell you how much you will need to walk to get from, say, your hotel to your destination (ie walk 300m to station, ride to X, get off and walk 200m). You can then have a rough idea of how much you would need to walk for a given day, and maybe look up cafes en route where you could rest..

    I’ll add to the other answers that:

    • Japan doesn’t have a lot of places to rest compared to other cities. Outside of parks, there aren’t many benches etc to take a breather at – even at large shrines and temples etc.
    • Many tourist sites do offer wheelchairs. So, you might be able to get by with just using those instead of renting one for the whole trip.
    • Rentals take time and aren’t available easily in every city. While a few great companies assist with rentals, renting wheelchairs to foreign travelers isn’t really a thing here. So, if you decide to rent a wheelchair part-way through your trip, you may need to wait a few days or be told that they cannot deliver to the city you are in etc. So, if you think you might want to rent one, it is best to prepare in advance by at least looking into your options before you arrive.

    Hope that helps!

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