Reply To: Any one been to Himakajima? (Aichi Prefecture)

  • alison

    May 2, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    An update.  We were this close to visiting Himakajima last weekend, but to no avail.

    Unfortunately, despite contacting the ferry and arranging for 8 wheelchair users to have a place on the boat, we were foiled by lack of parking at the ferry terminal due to the Golden Week holidays in Japan.  This is a problem for all tourists, but made particularly more difficult for those with mobility difficulties.  There is an over-flow parking area several kilometers away but the bus connecting the over-flow parking area and the ferry terminal is not wheelchair accessible so we were out of luck.  We will try again in the off season.  (and maybe the accessible toilet on the island will be built by then??)

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