Reply To: Electric wheelchair attachment hire

  • Josh Grisdale

    August 31, 2023 at 10:16 am

    Hi Andy,

    I know one or two people who brought something similar to the Batec but it seemed to cause more problems than help as you must remove it and carry it whenever you use public transportation. There are a few places that rent regular wheelchairs, so that might work out better.

    As for hotels – yes plan ahead! So, the law requires hotels with more than 50 rooms to have at least one accessible room. The two caviats are that:

    1. The requirements for “accessible room” are very loose and generally come down to no steps, and “enough room to fit a wheelchair” – which means there is a lot of variety and you cannot assume it is fine because it is the “accessible room”.
    2. Even though they may have them, not every hotel lists the room on their website etc and you may need to ask directly. Also be aware they may refer to it as a “universal” room or “barrier-free” room as the term “accessible” is not very common here.

    On Accessible Japan (my other website), I have a listing of hotels with the information I could gather. It is far from exhaustive, but a place to start. There is also a link to request rentals you can use and I can recommend companies to reach out to (sorry, I don’t want to put their emails out in public).

    Here it is:

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