Reply To: Query about an Accessible Tour Company in Japan

  • Mak

    September 3, 2023 at 3:33 pm

    Hi Carlos, thanks for your reply re Inside Japan Tours. I think the fact that Inside Japan Tours got Josh involved in 2015 to guide them in their accessibility journey within Japan would have definitely lifted their game. Prior to that, they were pretending to know about accessibility but had not actually lived it. It makes a huge difference having a person who is living it giving them advice. We live in Australia. Inside Travel Japan Tours had an office in Sydney back in 2015, we live in Melbourne, but did all communication by phone and email. My son gets involved in everything relating to his trip. I am his secretary as he cannot speak on the phone or type very well, so I am his dogs body, so to speak, lol. He has given me a full list of all the places he wishes to visit and a time frame and the season he wishes to travel in. Hence me beginning the investigating now, it takes us about 12 months preparation for a trip overseas.

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