Reply To: Nagasaki Trams & mobility scooters

  • Josh Grisdale

    September 14, 2023 at 9:28 am

    Hi Rob,

    I have been to Nagasaki at least 3 times but never been on the trams, though I have been on them in Hiroshima and Hakodate.

    The tram website lists that most of their stations are accessible (See map here:, but not every tram itself is accessible – so you would need to wait for an accessible tram to come along… (Schedule:

    The trams that are accessible have seats that lift up, but there seems to be very little space for a scooter to turn. Here is the brochure for one of the trams:

    Based on my experiences with those other trams, I’d agree with your assessment of it being unlikely/difficult. Likely the biggest reason is that the turning radius of scooters is much larger than wheelchairs and they cannot turn on the spot. While I was able to get on in Hiroshima, the platform was very narrow and when the staff put down the ramp, it nearly took up half the width of the platform – so I basically had to go on the ramp sideways and then turn on the ramp to get in. It would not have been possible in a scooter. (Again this wasn’t in Nagasaki, but I assume it would be similar.)

    Perhaps renting a wheelchair taxi for the day would be better. There is also a Nagasaki “Barrier-Free Tourism” promotion group in Nagasaki that could possibly make arrangements. The site is in Japanese but there is an email listed you could try:

    Hope this helps!

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