Reply To: Tokyo Hop-on / Hop-off wheelchair accessability

  • Bob

    September 14, 2023 at 6:32 pm

    Morning from the UK,

    Josh, many, many thanks for your assistance.
    1. The accessible busses. Given the scarcity of these, I will use them should they be available at the time and place we find ourselves. Also, the scooter has a reverse gear so turning is not a problem.

    2. Normal bus. I can walk up and down a flight of stairs so getting to the top of the bus would not be a problem. The issue is the scooter! It takes about 30 seconds to fold up and the same to unfold, so this can be done at the roadside bus stop. I can lift it on and off a bus platform. (32Kg). The question is does the bus have space to store the scooter safely downstairs? The battery on the scooter is easily removable and I carry it (1.5kg) with me. (The same procedure as getting on a plane!). The scooter wheels are normally in an “attached to motor” mode and will move only if the motor is switched on. They can be put into freewheel mode.
    If the bus regularly has passengers with suitcase luggage then it should not be a problem for the bus operator.

    If the hop-on / hop-off bus is not viable then I have a plan B! Utilize the Tokyo rail system! We won’t see so much of Tokyo but hey there is more than enough to keep us occupied for our 4 days in Tokyo. Then it’s off to Kyoto via Shin-Fuji on the Shinkansen. I have my JR rail pass already.

    Again, many thanks. Is there anything I can do for you and/or the site?

    Best Regards

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