Reply To: Do any taxi apps. in Japan offer WAV taxis?

  • Josh Grisdale

    October 7, 2023 at 4:03 pm

    You are very correct in your statements about the accessible taxi companies being small and independent. Which means they also usually don’t have English websites to find them either. Two notable exceptions are @oshidori and @wilgo who are on this site.

    I didn’t realize you needed a Japanese phone number for Go and S.Ride. But I guess that makes sense for registering likely sending an SMS confirmation code… will you be getting a SIM card when you are here? If so, you could maybe register when you arrive? (Both apps do let you select a JapanTaxi by the way. )

    I’m not sure about Osaka etc, but in Tokyo the JpnTaxis are fairly common and you can get them at train station taxi carousels or even flag them down on the street. (They were partially made for the Tokyo 2020 games.) Also, if your journey is starting from a hotel, if you ask the front desk, they can call you a taxi and request it be a JpnTaxi from dispatch.

    But I used one in Karuizawa and in Kyoto before, so they do exist there, but maybe not as common.

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