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  • schroth-sensei

    October 24, 2023 at 7:30 pm

    Hello Mary,

    Generally Speaking the only Disability ID recognized in Japan isn’t obtainable by foreigners. Some countries that do have Disability ID’s may be difficult to use because it isn’t in Japanese and so the language barrier may be an issue. If your country does have one, I’d bring it anyway because some places are less strict and may give a discount (i.e. I’ve been to the Ueno Museum a few times for free without any ID but I’m very obviously in a wheelchair with a disability), but never count on it.

    Check here for more info on Japanese disability ID’s:

    As for a using it for help with trains, just being in a wheelchair is usually enough to get help. Just head to the staff located in the booth beside the ticket turnstiles, and almost always you just need to tell them your destination (sometimes “slope” which means you need to use a portable ramp to enter the train), then you typically wait near the booth for a staff member with a slope who will take you to your train! Very convenient to get around most of Japan, I did my entire first trip getting around Japan with trains alone, and a 90-day trip with almost all trains (~95%) except 5-bus rides (~5%)! So, I recommend trains.

    More info here on trains:

    Note though if you are traveling long distances, Bullet trains, Limited, Express, Excursion type trains may require booking in advance to get accessible seats.

    Also, city buses are very accessible, Accessible-Japan has info on them as well.

    As for your allergy, check here:

    With 海老 meaning “shrimp, prawn” you can state on a card:

    ⦁ Does this contain shrimp?: 海老が入っていますか? (ebi ga haite masu ka?)

    ⦁ I have a shrimp allergy. : 海老アレルギーを持っています (ebi arerugii o motte masu)

    As well as more useful phrases!

    If you have any additional questions please ask, otherwise I hope that helps,


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