Reply To: Boarding bus in Kyoto

  • Josh Grisdale

    October 25, 2023 at 9:05 am

    So, in general, everyone lines up and gets on at the front. However, I strongly suggest that even if there is a line, you go near to the front instead of lining up.

    This way you can wave to the bus driver to let them know you want to get on because they generally need to put wheelchair users on first. And they sometimes need to reposition the bus if it is too far from the curb for the ramp etc. So, being seen lets them know that you are there so they can take care in positioning.

    The wheelchair spot requires lifting up two seats to make a space and therefore possibly asking other passengers to move to make room. So, for that reason as well it makes sense to get on first. If you wait in line, the people in front of you will likely end up needing to move anyway, so, best to be on from the start.

    Also, as @joanp mentioned in one episode of The Trouble With Me podcast, the buses are VERY crowded and if the bus is already full, and all the other waiting passengers push on before you, you will not have any room to get on. This is why it is easier at the terminals.

    So, don’t worry about getting out front and being seen – if you are not assertive you will endlessly be told “its full, please wait for the next bus”.

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