• Unknown Member

    May 8, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Thank you for your reply!

    The resort i will be staying has been confirmed.: Villa Kitakaruizawa L Wing – 4 Nights
    Resort ID: SG49
    1924-172 Kitakaruizawa
    Gunma-Ken, 377-1412, Japan
    Phone: 279-845555

    so i have to make the most of my short stay in there.  My tour has to start on april 2-4 (3 days) and on april 5 i plan to transfer to Tokyo. We are tentatively a group of 7-8 so i will have a companion to assist me board the buses. my question is can my scooter (not a bulky one) be allowed to board the bus?

    I hope you will suggest the accessible places that i will visit for 3 days. I have some points of interest in mind:  Maebashi area:  Mt. Akagi, Gunma Flower Park, Agaki Nanmen Senbouzakura Festival, karuizawa Shirato Falls, Gunma Safari Park, Skybridge, Tambara Lavender Park & other sites that you will suggest.

    Thank you!

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