Reply To: Wheelchair taxi

  • AnhJon

    October 27, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    Thanks for these info and tips. This morning I requested hotel staff at Ala Hotel to call a wc taxi…staff informed me that he called several taxi companies and all didn’t have an ETA to give me a ride.

    Regarding wc, all the locals I’ve seen using a wc all have very light and narrow wc. The ones with power wc appears to be a modified manual wc with a motor…very basic. I wonder how far can the wc go on a single charge. I’ve been avg about 15 miles per day with half power (yellow zone) when returning to the hotel.

    Here I am traveling in what may appear to be a huge American size power wc (Permobil M3) with a backpack and bags over hanging on the side (this is how I normally travel in the States).

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