Reply To: Porter Service at Narita Airport

  • HImom

    January 22, 2024 at 8:13 am

    I am not sure about Narita, as we flew into Haneda. From the time we got off the plane a porter helped us navigate thru the airport , get our luggage, customs, helped some of the family purchase bus tickets(they then took our luggage on the bus/not wheelchair accessible), purchase pasmo train card and then took me (in wheelchair) and my daugther to the train.

    We didn’t request for the service, but they assisted. Because many services in Japan do not accept tips (and we weren’t sure about the porter), we brought candy/cookies from Hawaii and wrapped it up and gave to him.

    Not sure what your plans are once you get your luggage, for other places in Japan we used the luggage service to deliver luggage from hotel to hotel, hotel to airport. We used they were very reasonable and we had excellent service from them. You can check out their site, as you may be able to setup for when you get to Narita.

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