Reply To: Getting around Osaka

  • Joan Pahisa

    February 18, 2024 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Chica,

    Aside from the places that you’ve mentioned, I would consider visiting Shitennoji temple. It’s a 5-storey pagoda (you don’t need to go up and don’t have to walk much either inside the grounds), plus some side buildings. It was my first temple visit in Japan and I really enjoyed it. Depending on what you’re visiting in Kyoto, you may decide to see something different. Check the pictures and decide for yourself : ) A recommendation if you go, is to have or take away some steamed dumplings from the shop that’s at the beginning of the path leading to the huge stone torii at the main entrance.

    Another recommendation would be Sumiyoshi Taisha (here you need to walk a bit more and the ground is mostly gravel). It’s also a set of temples, but they are quite different from the rest in Japan.

    Then, I would suggest areas. For instance, I really like Shinsekai (small streets, a bit run down, and lots of restaurants around Tsutenkaku Tower). It’s not far by taxi or bus from Shitennoji, so you could squeeze the two on the same day.

    Most probably you will also be going to Dotonbori area (the neon lights district). There you may take a boat through the Dotonbori canal, which is a nice way to sightsee without walking. I never took it, because there were some steps leading to the boats. Nevertheless, the walkways next to the canal are very beautiful and tend to be less crowded than the streets above.

    These would be my recommendations, aside from Harukas 300 and Umeda Sky (I’ve not gone to the Botanical Gardens, so I will next time!). If you want more places, near the port there is the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel and the Osaka Aquarium.

    Finally, you can check some pictures and accessibility info on all these places on my Instagram account @joan_pahisa.

    I hope you will enjoy your trip to Osaka!

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