Reply To: Miyako Public Transportation Accessibility

  • Kathie

    February 20, 2024 at 10:00 pm

    Your suggestion to contact E-mail [email protected] was very helpful and I’ve already heard back from them as follows:

    I would say it would be easier to transfer via taxi from the cruise ship terminal to Desaki Pier or Jodogahama Beach, it wouldn’t take long by taxi.

    You could email or call the taxi company in Miyako city below (Advance reservation required / English service available) :

    -Kubota Taxi

    [email protected]

    TEL +81-193-67-2121

    You can borrow a wheelchair if you need, so please ask them.

    As for your information, there is an English information center around the cruise ship terminal, so please ask them if you need help.

    For any other questions about tour in Iwate, feel free to ask us.

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