Reply To: 60th Birthday

  • Amy

    February 25, 2024 at 10:29 pm

    What is it that you prefer? There are so many restaurants that cater to meat, fish, and so on. If you like meat, there are many special restaurants that have meat from the north (Kobe beef, or Wagyu beef especially). Then there are of course the revolving sushi bars. From soba and ramen in Tokyo to Udon in Kyoto (which some say is the best), you have so many choices. Tsujiki Market supposedly has the best, freshest sushi you’ll have around. Must get thee early, people come for breakfast and any other time. Think of what you’d like to have or try for the first time, and go there. I would love to visit the izakayas myself, and try a few things for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    As for what to do: I think there are trains that are really special around some areas. They are not the usual type of trains you’ll find in Tokyo. There is one ion Fukuoka Prefecture, and I believe in Kyoto as well. They are very old fashioned and go through the countrysides of Japan. I forget the names but if I can find where I saw them, I will let you know. Have a happy one.

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