Reply To: Invisible disability / chronic pain + priority in lines + allergy translations

  • Josh Grisdale

    April 22, 2024 at 9:23 am

    Hello, sorry for the delay!

    Disability discounts/priority accesses is a really difficult issue to definitively answer. I have heard of people not needing to show ID, and others showing a translated ID from their country and being told they cannot get a discount… it really seems to come down to the place you are visiting and the staff that is working. (Japan is very by the book and the staff at tourist destinations have likely been trained to ask for ID and only shown Japanese Disability ID as the “accepted ID”. So, a newly trained staff might be worried about getting in trouble with their boss by not following the rules whereas a more senior staff would likely be more willing to say, “yeah, its ok”.)

    So, my general suggestion is to bring your ID (translated if possible) and try to use it. But, just be prepared for the possibility you may not get the discount.

    You can also get a “Help Mark” lanyard at Tokyo subways. While it likely won’t help with discounts, it may help you with getting priority seats on the train/subway (since you mention your disability is invisible).

    Here are some useful phrases, allergies at the bottom:

    Crustacean is “Kokaku-rui” in Japanese. and lactose is “Nyuto”. So, you can pop that into the pattern.

    Hope it helps!

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