Reply To: Accommodation close to train station/transportation links & powered chair

  • Nicola

    April 26, 2024 at 2:31 am

    Hey Ash,

    I’ve just come back from two weeks in Japan, including time spent in Tokyo. I’m a full time manual wheelchair user We paid for a “queen accessible room” at the Sequence hotel which with the wheelchair was tbh still a squeeze to get into the bathroom but sounds like it’d be ok for you.

    Are you ok with a shower over bath or do you need a step free shower as we found the latter almost impossible to find unless you paid for a high end hotel.

    One piece of advice I’d definitely offer is to look at the metro map and accessibility of the stations. You can check the barrier free access at stations here;

    And then look for a hotel near one with multiple accessible lines. We found the vast majority did have disabled access but often it’s a case of finding the right entrance and exit! Shout if you’ve any other help. I’ve attached pics of our room for ref!

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