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  • Anne

    May 6, 2024 at 12:11 am

    Hi Tara,

    I took my 3-wheel Pride GoGo Traveller Elite mobility scooter to Japan, and it worked out great!

    The people of Japan are so kind, and service is of utmost importance. Everyone was very accommodating. I always gave myself a little extra time at each major transportation spot.

    We did ride the bullet train from Tokyo to Hiroshima and then from Hiroshima to Osaka. The stationmasters didn’t want me to drive on the train platform itself, but in the station and up to the platform was fine. Up at the platform, I switched my scooter into manual mode using that yellow lever near the wheels, and my husband pushed me. We were not stopped at all or prevented from riding the train.

    If you can walk at all, one option is to reserve certain seats in the main cars that have an extra storage area. My scooter fit perfectly. I did not have to take it apart. Getting on the train in Tokyo, my husband was able to lift the scooter up over the lip into the train and roll it into that spot right near the entrance. I used my walking cane and his help to get in and to my seat. In Hiroshima and Osaka, the platform and train are at the same level so it just rolled in, though I did not ride it in. Attached is a photo of our seats and my scooter.

    If you cannot walk a short distance, the trains do have an accessible car. I did not use this, but I know there is an attendant and a special ramp they put down to help you get in.

    At each station there is an accessible ticket area you enter through. Be sure to reserve seats ahead. You can always talk to someone in the station as well, and they will help you.

    The first time you get on the train is the most stressful because there is a short boarding window, but after the first time, you’ll feel like a pro.

    I have a number of other scooter-related tips from my trip to Japan last year that I included in this article:

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