Reply To: Renting motorized wheelchair Osaka

  • Tak

    May 15, 2024 at 9:28 pm

    Dear Tony

    Thank you for your reply. I learned about your journey.
    I can suggest two methods.
    When you head from Osaka to Tokyo, return your wheelchair at Shin-Osaka Station. Then, you will have someone in Tokyo arrange a wheelchair for you to pick you up at Tokyo Station, etc. Then, when you return home, have that person come and pick it up.
    You will take the wheelchair you rented in Osaka with you to Tokyo, and when you leave Narita, I will pick it up, take it back to Osaka, and return it.
    (You will have to pay for my transportation to Narita...but it will be less of a hassle for you)
    I can give you a cost estimate if you wish)
    Also, are you thinking of arriving on May 27th and moving to Tokyo in what month and day?
    Whichever method you prefer, shipping a wheelchair to the airport is very difficult, so I think you'll have to have people like me bring it to the airport.
    Will you be using public transportation from the airport to sightseeing spots?
    I think I can help you with that as well.

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