Reply To: Figuring out accessible travel arrangments (Powered Wheelchair rental)

  • Mark

    May 17, 2024 at 4:07 am

    Hi KP,

    I just returned from Japan and had brought my Permobil M3 there. Powerchairs will not be too large for accessible taxis you arrange w/ the company beforehand. My first question though is whether your partner can get out of her powerchair and walk short distances? Are you looking for an electric wheelchair or manual? Japan has “universal” taxis that can accommodate standard wheelchairs and there are. a few companies that rent wheelchairs with motors (I believe they fold up but please confirm w/ company). Here is a ling to a company I found but did not use b/c I ended up bringing my Permobil. You can email them with questions.

    I used my Permobil to pretty much go everywhere within Tokyo. It has a 16 mile distance and the streets are mostly flat so me and my friend zipped around (he would walk or rent an e-bike which are everywhere). The subway system is great as well.

    I setup airport pickup with a great guy who runs this company, I highly recommend him:



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