Reply To: Rental Cars with Hand Controls

  • Rutger Holland

    June 13, 2024 at 9:22 pm

    …by the way, according to what I could find on internet, you are also the founder of

    I tried to registrate there via several browsers, but I without success. Can you help me to get a login there? I just started to organize a trip to Japan for next year. And I have to find out everything yet. I have enough time, so we may travel 4, 5 or 6 weeks. So that means that we don’t have to hurry and that we don’t have to travel too long distances a day.

    As a moderator, you might see my direct email address. If you can’t, I have an email on gmail and it is easy, because it’s only my pre-name and my family name, separated by a dot.

    Again, best regard,

    Rutger Boerboom

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