Reply To: Shinkansen reservation required?

  • Tak

    June 16, 2024 at 10:56 am


    Are you already staying in Kyoto?

    Regarding traveling from Kyoto to Osaka, it is not necessary to use the Shinkansen or Haruka. You can also go by local train.

    Since Shinkansen platforms are located in high places, local trains are often less difficult.

    There are also many options depending on where you are staying.

    Once we know more about your situation, we will be able to give you more specific advice.

    However…Japanese trains are very crowded.

    As Mr. Pahisa wrote, you can also choose Hankyu Line or Keihan Line. No special reservations are required for them, including JR Local. For example, if you take JR Local, you can go to Osaka in about 30 minutes by using Shin-kaisoku (Rapid). As Tony Mr. wrote, special train reservations take a lot of time, but only when booking Shinkansen trains.

    The reason is that “Shinkansen management companies are divided in a complicated manner.” Haruka only manages JR-WEST, but the Shinkansen is different…

    Tony…I’m sorry it takes up so much of your time.


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