Reply To: Disabled french student doing an exhange in Japan next year

  • romainb

    July 3, 2024 at 2:50 pm

    Hello, thanks for your help! I did contact Chuo university in the first place, but their only dormitories are on the Tama Campus, in Hachiōji. However these dormitories are 1h40 away from the Myogadani campus ( where the faculty of law is located since last year). Doing a 1h40 commute to go there and to go back to the dorm is impossible for me. There is also 3 train changes to do, so with my wheelchair it will take way more than 1h40 each time…

    Besides that Chuo informed me that they have no other dormitories and told me this ” unfortunately, we guess that Chuo is not able to host you as an exchange student in Law”.

    I am still actively searching for an accomodation but I can’t find any except hotels which are really expensive ( for four months I would have to pay 18000 euros).

    I still have some hope but I wouldn’t have thought that it was close to impossible finding a wheelchair accessible accomodation in Tokyo…

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