Reply To: Taxi from Haneda

  • Nick

    July 5, 2024 at 7:22 pm

    Our experiences are this. We booked a private hire company WIlgo from Haneda in advance. Very expensive but worth every penny. They have a ramp so no need to exit wheelchair . Full tie in of wheelchair. Also we took a taxi from Yokohama to Haneda in a basic black cab. All these cabs have a small ramp to get a wheelchair into the cab but there’s not must space to fix the chair in the cab although it can be done . Beware most of the cab drivers are unaware of the fact they all have a ramp for a wheelchair as it’s hidden underneath the seats and hardly any cab drivers know what to do. There’s a definite lack of awareness and training of black cab drivers in Tokyo. We explained the method and availability to the driver and he was unaware of the situation. Some older cab drivers understand so it’s a bit pot luck .

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