Reply To: Easiest Way to Book Accessible Hotels – Japan

  • Tak

    July 8, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    Nice to meet you, Nicole.

    I will answer your questions.

    I’m sorry if this answer is not satisfactory.

    As for 1,

    I am a travel agent,

    so if you tell me your budget per night and your desired location, I will search for it for you.

    As for 2,

    I think that “What do you want from this trip?”

    The places I recommend and the number of days you stay in each place will change depending on that. Please let me know.

    As for 3,

    The hotel I can recommend will also differ depending on your budget per night and what you want.

    “I want to enjoy nature, visit many historical buildings, go to Disneyland…” I think you have many wishes, but the number of days you can stay is limited.

    If I can know your wishes, I will make as many suggestions as possible.



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