• Accessible Japan

    May 18, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Sorry for the delay!

    Before considering getting around, even getting to your hotel looks to be very difficult.  There is a highway bus pretty much right to the hotel, but we just called the bus company and confirmed it is not an accessible bus.  The only way to ride it would be to store your wheelchair in the luggage area at the bottom of the bus and then somehow get up the stairs… not accessible at all!

    Karuizawa Station is about 22km from the hotel and, according to Google anyway, there is no public transit from the station to the hotel.

    That is what travel in the countryside is like unfortunately.

    For anyone – regardless of disability or not – using a car is the best option.  Would anyone in your group be ok with driving?  It is possible to rent an accessible car in Tokyo I believe.

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