Reply To: Travel With Mobility Scooter

  • betsy

    June 8, 2018 at 7:44 am

    I recently tried to book a tour of Japan through Friendly Planet (a web-based travel company).  They told me that their affiliated tour companies in Japan would not accept my mobility scooter which is a Pride, Go-Go, a smaller sized one.  I have traveled to many countries both individually and with tour companies and have never had this problem before.  Thinking of going without a tour with my husband.  I know cabs are VERY expensive, but wonder if companies like Uber are more helpful. My scooter comes apart into pieces and fits in the trunk of a car or can be placed in a trunk by removing the seat. We have done this in many countries and, of course, always pay the driver extra for this service?  Anyone know about companies like Uber in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka?  If so, are there prices as bad as those of other cab companies in Japan?

    Thank you.


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