Reply To: Appart Hotel or Hotel with kitchen in KYOTO and TOKYO Area

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    June 11, 2018 at 10:53 pm


    Unfortunately, aside from AirBNB, I don’t know of any hotels with a kitchen in Japan.  For the most part, hotels are very small and have no room for a kitchen.  The rooms that are bigger tend to be in fancy hotels with nice restaurants and therefore no kitchen in the room.  In japan, people often only travel for one or two nights, so they do not cook in the hotel room.

    Japan has many convenience stores that offer affordable, full meals.  So, your friend could buy a meal there for under 500 yen and eat in her room at her leisure.

    Most hotels have a shower chair.  Also, even if she cannot use the bathtub (I cannot either), you can put the shower chair next to the bathtub if the bathroom has a drain in the floor.  See here:

    You may want to consider booking with a travel company like Inside Japan Tours.  Please talk to Ali ( @ali_muskett ).

    Hope this helps.

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