Reply To: Any advice for July 2018 Japan trip?

  • Accessible Japan

    June 25, 2018 at 8:20 pm


    Would it be possible to make different threads for each location?  ie start a new question for Hiroshima, a question for Kanazawa, a question for Kyoto etc
    I’m afraid it will get too jumbled if we jump between restaurants in Kyoto, then transportation in Hiroshima etc in the same thread!


    But I’ll answer the restaurants question in general.  Kaiseki Ryori, is generally in very traditional ryotei restaurants that have stones leading up to them, steps, and tatami floors… so not wheelchair accessible.  I would suggest looking at this page about how to find accessible restaurants:  Gurinavi is very helpful!

    Here is how to see a baseball game:

    OK, looking forward to seeing your questions for other cities!

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