Reply To: Going to Japan and have some questions

  • iliketurtles

    July 6, 2018 at 1:14 am


    Hello! i came here also to look up about IBS. I have it and its pretty bad. If get stuck in a long line, i get the need to go. while sometimes im good and dont need to go for an hour or more. its the feeling of being stuck and not making it to a toilet that gets me sometimes.

    Now because ive dont it doesnt mean its right… i did it at my own risk. I have taken Imodium on about 4 of my past trips. I pack a box of it which is about 40 pills. i think if its more than a package you will run into trouble if they search you. Im sure this stuff is on the no no list of things to bring into japan but i need it. I was told japanese stuff isnt as strong but i have yet to test it. I really only use this stuff when i travel.

    The last time i went to tokyo japan was in April. Again i did this at my own risk. I have been searched before and they did see it. But im sure they security person didnt know what the stuff was. maybe hes mostly looking for other types of drugs or weapons. I did leave it in its box sealed.

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