Reply To: Any advice for July 2018 Japan trip?

  • Kim

    July 6, 2018 at 3:50 am


    I am “twoboysmom00” referenced above (real name is Kim :)). My husband is partially disabled, and used an electric wheelchair around Japan last fall. In regard to the Princess cruise excursions specifically, only the Adachi Museum and Garden was completely accessible for us (of the tours we took). Even then, my husband had to step out of his chair and climb on/off the bus. Unfortunately, I do not remember seeing any truly accessible busses connected with the cruise. However, we did see many others in wheelchairs headed off the ship when we got to the various ports, so my assumption is that there would be a way to do that (accessible taxi possibly? or maybe the excursions that use a van would work for you?). So sorry I’m not able to help more! However, Japan is such a wonderful country, and the people are so kind, I know you will have an amazing time no matter what. Bon Voyage!!

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