Reply To: Wheelchair transport in Japan

  • wilgo

    July 7, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    Hi, Lykke,

    Thanks for your contact through our site.  Due to unknown reasons, your message has not been delivered.

    Wilgo has been booked already in the afternoon on July 10th, and has to get back from Narita by 14:00 to Suginami area, which means Wilgo has to leave Narita by 11:00.  In term of time schedule, it would be possible to serve you if you are fine with a schedule to leave your hotel in Shinjuku, let’s say, at 9:00 or earlier.

    Another points to be checked are the size of wheelchair and your two suitcases.  Please refer to the URL below if your wheelchair fits into lift platform.

    Due to the lift installed in the cabin, the space for luggages are limited.  If you can tell us the size of each suitcase, we can check if these will fit into the space.

    Once these points are cleared, we may be able to communicate about fees for your ride.

    Hope this would be a little help for you.



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