Reply To: Hiroshima Trains/trams wheelchair access.

  • Joan Pahisa

    August 29, 2018 at 7:56 am

    From Hiroshima’s Main Station you can take a tramway that will take you to the Dome (the stop is Genbaku Dome-mae of the red or yellow lines from Hiroshimaeki stop at the train station). Not all trains are accessible, but at the tram station the screens with the schedule tell you if the trains that are coming are accessible or not. While in Hiroshima I didn’t take the bus, so I can’t tell whether it’s accessible or not. Most probably it is, but maybe someone can confirm it.

    As for the places that you plan to visit, they are wheelchair accessible except for the castle. I went there and there’s a flight of stairs to access its entrance, as well as stairs inside. By wheelchair you can only enjoy the surrounding park, but cannot enter the building. Just a heads up. If you have seen other castles, in my opinion it’s not worth the hassle.

    On the other hand, if you have the time, I’d definitely recommend to go to Miyajima Island to see the Ikutsushima Shrine and its sunken torii. It’s a one hour trip, first by train (from Hiroshima’s Main Station to Miyajimaguchi) and then by ferry to the island. Both the train and the ferry are wheelchair accessible.

    Enjoy your visit!

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