Reply To: Ryokan?

  • Accessible Japan

    September 11, 2018 at 8:42 pm


    I’m not aware of any…

    For being deaf, I suggest you may want to bring a pad of paper with you to write and draw, or better yet a tablet with translation software on it.  That way you can communicate with staff.

    As for your low vision, do you use a cane?  You may not be allowed to use it inside the ryokan without wiping it or putting a cover on the end since it has been touching the ground outside (the same reason people need to remove shoes).  The staff will likely be able to guide you to your room etc.  You will need to be careful of steps (they love pointless steps in Japan!).

    Being in a wheelchair, I’ve never actually stayed in a ryokan – so that is the extent of my knowledge.  Sorry!

    Will you be traveling alone?  If you are with someone, it should be ok…

    Maybe @Wilgo has an idea of a ryokan for people with low vision / blind?

    Sorry to not be of much help.

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