Reply To: Universal Osaka tickets?

  • wheeliewife

    September 16, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    I’m also interested to know this!  From what I have read, you need to be a resident of Japan to get an ID card relating to your disability, and only if you have that can you receive the discount on entry.

    I also read that some attractions are realising that this doesn’t work for visitors and so they are trying to change.  Some places will recognise the disability and offer a discount, so I guess it’s worth asking!  But other places will not give you the ‘assistant’ discount unless you are a resident of Japan and have the relevant paperwork.

    I’m hoping someone can clarify this….but my research seems to show that in some places, they may grant you the discount.  I’m sure I read somewhere that Universal will not offer the discount, but I’m hoping that maybe wrong.

    We might visit (depending on time and weather etc!) whilst we are in Osaka in October so if I find anything I’ll remember to post an update here!

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