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  • Accessible Japan

    September 16, 2018 at 8:20 pm


    Unfortunately, it is rather un-standardized here for foreign visitors.  If you are living in Japan, you get a special ID and when getting special discounts you must show the ID.

    For visitors from other countries, they obviously do not have a Japanese disability (or like in your case, no ID at all).  So, it is often left to the discression of the staff at the ticket counter.  At many smaller museums, or temples etc the staff will give a discount if you look the part (ie a wheelchair).  But as companies get bigger they have more rigid rules and staff are very unlikely to go against the manual.  If the manual says to check the ID before giving a discount, then very few staff will take the responsibility of going against what is in the manual and give a discount without seeing the ID.

    So, while you can try, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get a discount from a big company like Universal.

    As for the guest support pass, I believe that should be OK.  From what I understand, they are granted to people who ask for them.

    Here is some info on the cards we get here:

    @suzanne_kamata went there last year I believe and may have a better idea.  Also @joanp may have some insights.

    Hope this helps (though it isn’t great news!)

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