Reply To: Question about a summit for disabled leaders

  • Accessible Japan

    October 18, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Hi again,

    OK, I talked to some people heavily involved with the independent living movement.  He wondered if you are thinking of the Global Independent Living Summit (  The past summit had a presentation from the Japan IL:

    Individuals from Japan Council on Independent Living Centers (JIL) will lead this exciting discussion on the IL Movement in Japan and East Asia. We must work together to achieve global solidarity.
    Please join us to learn how we can reach across borders and work together to expand the IL Movement!

    At this year’s summit they established The World Independent Living Network to connect Independent Living leaders from around the world and Japan is playing a leading role:

    NCIL and the Japanese national Independent Living organisation (JIL) will provide a Secretariat for WIN in the initial phase, until the headquarters are established. ENIL will serve as the European focal point, together with NCIL for the North America, JIL for Japan, Pakistan (or Nepal) for Asia, South Africa for Africa, Bolivia (or Costa Rica) for the South America. Additional focal points will be allocated at the national level.

    But otherwise he didn’t know of any yearly international summits in Japan.


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