Reply To: Eikando temples in Kyoto wheelchair accessible?

  • kyotoursjapan

    October 27, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    Hi Klazina. I can confirm that Eikando is accessible for manual wheelchair users.

    When you approach the temple, go left into the parking lot are before the stairs in front of the ticket gate. There is a path that leads you into the temple grounds. You’ll need to go in the back entrance, and a priest will most likely be on hand to help you  if you let them know at the ticket office first. Farther in, there’s an elevator and a wheelchair lift (make sure you lower the safety bar to get it working). Some interior building areas are off limits, but you can see pretty much everything from the doorways. It’s still worth visiting.

    Be aware that if you plan on visiting soon, the autumn season there is extremely busy and there are long lines to get in. You may have a hard time in the maple tree garden area due to gravel.

    You can see a blog I wrote recently about touring Kyoto in a wheelchair here. Please let me know if  have any more questions. Thanks!

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