Reply To: Article on wheelchair accessibility in Tokyo before the Olympics and Paralympics

  • wilgo

    November 5, 2018 at 1:28 pm


    The article tells all of us the real situation of barrier-free here in Tokyo, and tells the issues I, a non wheelchair user, can’t see from my eyes.

    The following comment in the article indicates the reason behind the current situations in Japan.

    “One of the biggest changes that I hope these games will make in Japan is that, compared with other major cities around the world, you don’t see many people with an impairment. Hopefully the games can act as motivation for people with impairments to take to the streets and be seen.”

    It sounds like saying that  “people with an impairment have to be taken care in houses or facilities”.  Although anybody should be able to go out for shopping, sightseeing, entertaining and so on, the mentality of Japanese, especially one of aged people, have kept them inside.  Nowadays, younger generations have another thoughts, and get more active than before.  The games in 2020 make more impacts on Japanese, to become more accessible city.  All visitors to the game in 2020 may come across the difficluties in the city, but Japanese will be happy to help and assist our guests.


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