Reply To: Article on wheelchair accessibility in Tokyo before the Olympics and Paralympics

  • Jacinta

    November 11, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I agree with an earlier commentor, people seemed ready to help all the time. We were amazed.  However the whole time we kept saying how are they going to do 2020.  Everyday we saw something that would make us ask that question.

    We didn’t notice issues with being stuck in a line up for the elevator, however we tried to time our trips to steer clear of the what we thought was the peak hour of travel. We did find  the elevators to be much smaller than anything we had seen in Australia.   So if you were coming from a country where you could expect a big elevator where 2 to 3 chairs might fit in and you suddently find yourself in a lift only big enough for 1  you probably will become frustrated by the wait time.

    We also went to the Makuhari Messe venue, which I think will be an event venue. To get to there from the train station you need to go up on an elevated foot path, and we needed to catch multiple elevators to get to different levels of this footpath to try and get access to the event. On our return at the end of the day the elevator to get down from the elevated foot path was Out of Order It was with luck that there was a nearby hotel that appeared to have an entrance at the elevated level so we investigated and were able to get back to street level via that.  I think they will need to have marshalls at, what I believe is, critical points in the accessible  path.


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