Reply To: Osaka and NMB48 !

  • roxas04

    November 15, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    Hello ! 🙂

    Thank you sooo much for the answer and for emailing NMB48 staff !

    So, I don’t need to ask them for accessibility, you did that for me, thany you very much !

    Wooow, sooo much great news, now, I know that I can see NMB48 in their theater with my wheelchair ! ^^


    Is this address that I must to use for telling to NMB48 staff that I will come in a wheelchair, if I win a ticket ?

    This one ? [email protected]

    A another question :

    How to say that in Japanese (I know to speak Japanese, but not fluently !) ?

    That would be the contents of the email when I will send to NMB48 if after winning :

    ” Hello !

    I won a ticket, I will go to the theater in a wheelchair. ”

    Is it good like that or not ?

    And an another question :

    And for AKB48 in Tokyo, if I win a ticket for AKB48 when I will be in Tokyo, must I do the same thing for AKB48 staff, or it is not necessary ?

    One thing that we already know, the Don Quijote building and the AKB48 theater are both accessible for my wheelchair !

    So, no need to tell them that I will come in a wheelchair if I win (for AKB48 !) !

    Okay, thank you very, very much ! ^^

    See you soon ! 🙂

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