Reply To: Disabled Veteran Unable to Attend AnimeJapan 2019

  • Accessible Japan

    December 29, 2018 at 9:24 am


    I sent a friend request to you.  If you accept it I can send you a private message with the scooter info.  I will also put you in touch with the travel companion service and a taxi service to help you from the airport to your hotel.  (Sorry, I don’t want to post personal emails on a forum.)

    Sorry, there are many types of tours (all-inclusive group tours, all-inclusive individual tours like IJT, and individual/group day tours).  Can you tell me what your ideal tour is?  For individual, all-inclusive tours I only know IJT.  For day-tours, @takashi from Trip Designer can make an accessible tour for you but it is only a day tour so you would need to arrange hotel, etc.

    Please keep us in the loop and post on other subjects if you like.

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