Reply To: Disabled Veteran Unable to Attend AnimeJapan 2019

  • bobp

    December 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Hmm, OK. Sounds like I will have to consider carrying more cash and keeping a cash reserve in at least one checking account.

    Too bad I probably cannot open carry my pistol like I do here in Kentucky. I am working on getting concealed carry here but I can take my time due to the open carry laws here. I wonder if there is a way for a military veteran to get a concealed carry permit in Japan or at least Tokyo. I know Tokyo and Japan are normally very safe so it is more of a curiosity factor for me. Even if it were possible, it may probably be too much of a hassle.

    I used to do maintenance so I normally carry knives and a multi-tool which I am planning to leave home considering what I have heard about restrictive blade lengths.

    I guess I am not quite your normal disabled traveler. I might have even scared some tour agencies a bit since I am a bachelor and inquired about meet-ups, social dates, or matchmaking if I stayed a few extra days even though I pointed out it would probably take many visits to have any success. But I want to cover all the bases and it will be difficult for me to find any woman in any country to consider me with the way my health is. That is the reason I do not currently have a travel companion but many veterans especially disabled veterans end up divorced.

    I hope I have not discussed any taboos here but I think they might be good discussion topics for disabled travelers let alone any traveler.


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